Get a FREE tie with any $40+ purchase of the MOST comfortable formal menswear!

 Tldr: These clothes are AWESOME and you should try some. I've got a code to give you a free tie (of your choice) with any $40+ online order, but their referral program doesn't allow me to post the code publicly (weird, right?). Leave a comment with your email address if you want me to send you the code! Doing so doesn't sign you up for any lists or anything, just gets you an email with the code!

Men's formalwear is uncomfortable. It pulls in weird places, never fits right, is way too hot, and overall makes you feel like a Husky trying to wear a Beagle's sweater and collar.

But no longer! &Collar is a brand dedicated to breaking men free from their irritatingly restrictive bonds.

It started with a shirt. I bought my husband one of &Collar's white long-sleeve shirts to wear to church on Sundays. They were supposed to be wrinkle-free, stain-resistant (water repellent), and SO comfortable. So I checked their sizing chart (good thing I did--their sizing is a bit weird) and ordered my tall, long-limbed husband an XL Slim.

Oh. My. LANTA. These shirts are heavenly. They're made from a stretchy, athletic fabric that breathes and flexes in all the right ways. They are seriously so soft and feel just like one of those performance exercise shirts you'd get at a high-end athletic store.

The pants are exactly the same! Their sizing is also a bit weird here, but better than with the shirts. The fit is a very slim, modern fit, so I recommend ordering a size up if you aren't into that. We originally ordered my husband his usual size, but the fit was so slim that even though he could move comfortably (these are basically exercise clothes, remember), we ended up returning them for the next size up for a less tight look.

We have since ordered several of the short- and long-sleeve shirts, another pair of pants, and several ties. Next up, we'll try the socks!

In the words of my husband, these brilliant clothes are: "Sneakily not formal-feeling...I don't know; they feel like exercise clothes!"

I have a code I can give to anybody who wants to try out this brand! You'll get a free tie (of your choice--add to cart before applying the code) with any $40+ purchase (basically any shirt or pants will fulfill that requirement). Unfortunately, their referral program doesn't allow for me to just post the code publicly, so just leave a comment here with your email address and I will send you the code! I solemnly vow not to use your email address for anything other than to send you this code.

Happy shopping!


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