Always check your clearance aisle!

Did you know that most Walmarts have a clearance aisle near the cards or the garden center? If you can't find yours, ask an employee for help! It's always worth the slight detour through that aisle whenever you're in the store.

How worth it, you might ask? Well, recently I found these Queen size sheets on clearance there for $11!

Some of you might know me as that crazy crochet lady who always has some yarn and a hook in her hand. Well, on another trip, I found this entire bin of yarn in the clearance aisle!

Those particular skeins of yarn are usually $5- $6! And check out how many of each color I was able to get. That's enough for several sweaters!

Make sure you check the labels and use a price checker (usually located nearby)! Sometimes items are put there by other shoppers, and sometimes they're mislabeled! For instance, these yarn skeins were all labeled as $3. However, some of them rang up as $1 each!

Like I said, always worth a detour. Just make sure you don't buy something you don't need just because it's on sale!


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