Windowsill Succulents

Windowsill Succulents in Ramekins

I found these adorable succulents at Walmart for $2.50 per container. I knew there were multiple succulents in each container and figured I could separate them out and put them into the spring-themed containers I had made from small ramekins and Dollar Tree items

The only items you'll need are some small containers (like these decorated ramekins), mini succulents, and small rocks/pebbles.

First, line the bottom of each ramekin with small rocks. I had these on hand from the Dollar Tree. You'll need these for drainage; succulents don't like sitting in water, and you don't want them to die from root rot.

Make sure you have a work space that you can easily clean, since it'll be nearly impossible not to spill any dirt. I've found that one of the million plastic grocery bags stuffed under your kitchen sink works really well.

Gently remove the succulents from their containers and loosen the dirt with your fingers. Shake the plants gently to remove as much dirt as you can from the roots.

Arrange them in the ramekins as you like, then fill in around the root with dirt, filling the ramekins nearly to the top. Be sure to press the dirt in firmly so that the plants will stand upright.

 Add a small ice cube to the top of the succulent "pot" about once a week to avoid over-watering.


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