Buy Two, Get One Free Board Game Sale on Amazon

Restock Your Board Game Cabinet With Amazon's Buy Two, Get One Free Sale

As of right now, Amazon has 30 options in its Buy Two, Get One Free board game sale. Add any three of these options sold from and shipped by Amazon and see the price of the lowest-cost game taken off at checkout. But hurry, because the really popular ones are already selling out!

Target has a similar sale going right now, but with completely different games. Amazon's games sale caters more toward teens and grownups, whereas the games Target has on sale are more popular among children.

I added Flash Point Fire Rescue (only 3 left in stock as of this posting), Portal, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill (which is *really* fun) to my cart, after making sure that they were all shipped from and sold by Amazon. In the cart, everything appears normal.
Side note: Did anybody know there's a Portal board game?
I had no clue.

Upon proceeding to checkout, you can see that the cost of the (Fireman game) is removed from the order summary.

You could also add Battleship, Taboo, and The Resistance (The Dystopian Universe) to your cart. Since they all cost the same (give or take a few cents), you'll get the price of one game removed, and effectively pay only 67% of each game!

If you have any issues getting the discount to come off automatically at checkout, double check that all of the games you've chosen are shipped from and sold by Amazon, not just items with Prime shipping.

These are all games you could stock up on now and save for birthdays and other gifts throughout the year. Great for that one relative you never know what to get!

What are your favorite board games, on sale or otherwise? I think I need to try that Portal board game.


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