Breaking the Spending Habit: I Screwed Up

The $0.50 bottle that broke me

In case you haven't heard, you should know that I have a shopping addiction. I've been trying to break the spending habit by not spending any money on non-essentials through the end of the year. It was going pretty well.

That is, until I went to Walmart one day. I needed milk for the baby and I was testing some lipstick products for some friends of mine who also have cool toned skin and didn't know what shades to wear. I didn't buy any of the lipsticks. It was hard. You know how I'm addicted to lip stains.

The trouble was when I went to get the milk. There was a clearance rack RIGHT THERE by the brand and type of milk I needed. And on the rack: A fifty cent bottle of truffle oil.

If you've never had truffle oil fries, you're missing out. But that's beside the point. I grabbed that bottle along with the milk. and checked out.

Sure, it only cost fifty cents. It's not much money. But that's not the point! I gave in and made an impulse purchase. Which I am not supposed to do.

So, in the name of accountability, I'm telling you about my failure. But I will be better. Only one impulse purchase in over two months isn't too bad.


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