Saving Money on Fresh Meat with Zaycon

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through the Zaycon referral links will give me a small credit on my next purchase through them. Yum!

As any casual reader of this blog will know, I'm crazy about saving money. It's one of my favorite things. And my favorite way to save on quality fresh meat is through the fresh farm-direct supplier Zaycon Foods. Watch this short video segment on the Zaycon Foods, and why it's infinitely better (not to mention cheaper) than buying in store.

It's worth the 3 minutes and turning the volume on to watch, promise.

For the 93% of you who didn't watch the clip, here's the gist: Zaycon buys meat from farmers and sells it to consumers at "events" around the country. The meat goes directly from the farm to a refrigerated truck to your vehicle. You don't even have to get out of your car; they have a drive-thru type service. And if you have some free time, you can volunteer to help distribute meat at your local event to get a $10 credit on your account toward your next purchase.

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Zaycon's meat is fresher than I've ever had, and since it comes refrigerated (not frozen) it's easy to separate and freeze, cook, or store. The only catch is you have to buy in bulk. The chicken that I often buy from them (at $1.69/lb) only comes in cases of 40 lbs. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but I have several hours of separating and cooking and freezing on a single day, then I have chicken at the ready for the next six months. I really love defrosting it and mixing in some of Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt (super delicious, I promise) and tossing it into a salad. So yummy! It does help that I have a chest freezer, though. If you don't have extra freezer space, you may want to consider finding a friend or relative to split a case with you.

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I've had their boneless applewood smoked ham before as well, and it is to die for. Seriously. The listing is for 20 lbs of ham, but since not every ham is going to weigh exactly 10 lbs, some will weigh less. But they have a fix! They charge you for the full 20 lbs when you order. Then, if you don't receive the full 20 lbs of ham, they'll automatically credit your account with a prorated amount for the weight of ham you didn't receive.

Fresh 93/7 Super Lean Ground Beef

Zaycon sells 80/20 lean ground beef, but I can't abide the texture of fat in my ground beef (yes, I'm crazy), so I buy their 93/7 ground beef. It comes in these awesome 10 lb tubes, as opposed to being contained in one giant bag, which makes it significantly easier to cook and separate. And then I just have to defrost my hamburger and toss it into the pasta, into the lasagna, or season it and throw it on a pizza! Dinner is significantly easier when I have these cooked and portioned in my freezer.

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Zaycon sells a myriad of other amazing meat products! They sell Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Fillets, USDA Choice Chuck Roast, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Fresh Whole Chickens, and so much more! Right now, they have delivery events in early December for their Hickory Smoked Bacon, Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Fillets, and Pork Loin Extra Meaty Back Ribs. If they don't currently have a delivery point near you, send them an email with your address and your interest, and you may see a delivery point open up near you in the future!

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, let Good Morning America tell you how great it is:

Go forth and buy delicious meats!


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