Harry Potter Jewelry for Less Than $1

Nearly all of you who know me in real life know that I love buying my jewelry factory direct from East Asia. It takes a few weeks in shipping to reach you, but you can get some fun and pretty costume pieces for basically nothing, plus free shipping. And most of the time, the quality is as good as or better than you would get at your local Charming Charlie's or Claire's, for a fraction of the cost.

I'm working on a post to teach you how to find these deals on your own (and not get crummy items), but today I'm going to show you my favorite deals on Harry Potter jewelry. If you're thinking that is an oddly specific post topic, you obviously haven't encountered the myriad of items that can be created and then sold on the internet. Allow me to introduce you.

Because of fluctuations in the value of different currencies, the price of each item may fluctuate as well. All items are accurate as of this posting.

Items with a small present icon  next to the price should arrive before Christmas. All items are likely to arrive by Christmas. Always check the listing for the projected delivery date before ordering.

Harry Potter Glasses/Scar Necklace $0.73 

Harry Potter Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone Pendant $0.73 

Golden Snitch Bracelet with Silver or Bronze Wings $0.73 

Snitch Necklace with Silver Wings $0.73 

Deathly Hallows Necklace in Silver, Gold, or Bronze $0.73 

Deathly Hallows Necklace in Rose Gold $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Deathly Hallows Earrings in Silver or Bronze $0.73 

Hogwarts Crest or House Pendant $0.73 

Deathly Hallows Black Henna Stretch Choker $0.73 

Silver Deathly Hallows Bracelet $0.73 

Harry Potter Glass Dandelion Seed Wishing Necklace $0.73 

Deathly Hallows/Mockingjay/Percy Jackson Pendant in Bronze or Silver $0.73 

Adjustable Harry Glasses Ring in Gold, Silver, or Black $0.73 

Silver Deathly Hallows Ribbon Choker $0.73 

Deathly Hallows Always Necklace in Silver $0.98 

Harry Potter Glasses and Deathly Hallows Adjustable Ring in Gold ($0.99) or Silver ($1.07) 

Assorted Wand Necklaces $0.99 - May Not Arrive Before Christmas
1) Harry's Wand
2) Hermione's Wand
3)Dumbledore's Wand
4) Voldemort's Wands
Personally, my favorite wand is Hermione's.

Flying Broomstick Necklace $0.99 - May Not Arrive Before Christmas

Deathly Hallows, Snitch, and Owls Leather Bracelet $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Time Turner Necklace $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas
This particular Time Turner listing is fun because you can choose the color of your sand! The available colors are: White, Blue, Pink, and Purple.

Platform 9 3/4 Pendant in Bronze or Silver $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem Horcrux Necklace $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Time Turner Earrings in Silver or Gold $1.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Time Turner Cufflinks in Silver or Gold $3.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Time Turner Bracelet in Gold or Silver $3.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Time Turner Key Chain $2.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Deathly Hallows Bracelet $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Deathly Hallows Black and Silver Braided Bracelet $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Fantastic Beasts Necklace in Silver or Bronze $2.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet $1.18 - May Not Arrive By Christmas
Charms include: Dobby, Ministry Crest, Sorting Hat, and Quill

Copper Sorting Hat Pendant $1.18 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Hogwarts Locket in Silver or Bronze $1.83 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Dark Mark Necklace $1.21 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Helga Hufflepuff's Cup Horcrux Necklace in Silver ($1.29), Bronze ($1.46), or Gold ($1.68) - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Salazar Slytherin's Locket Horcrux $3.48 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Marvolo Gaunt's Ring Horcrux $1.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas
Since this ring only comes in one size, you may want to buy a chain with removable pendant to hang it around your neck as a necklace.

Owl Necklace $0.73 
Although this isn't "officially" a Harry Potter necklace, this little owl reminds me of Pigwidgeon.

Silver Owl Necklace - $0.73 

Owl Earrings $0.73 

Owl Earrings $0.73 

Owl Rings $0.73 

Inkwell and Quill Charms (4 pcs) $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas

Adjustable Quill Ring $0.73 

Marauders Map Necklace $0.99 - May Not Arrive By Christmas


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