Elf Cosmetics GLITCH Free Items - Run!

This is a glitch. Whether you feel comfortable taking advantage or not, please do not call the store. You will ruin it for everybody else!

Today only, you can get a four-piece set from e.l.f. for FREE when you buy a $1 item when you follow the steps below.

Disclaimer: Since this is a glitch, there is a possibility your order will be cancelled. There is also a possibility the e.l.f. will catch on and you will only receive the $1 item you paid for, and not the entire set. This is a risk you take on by ordering.

Today, e.l.f. is offering free shipping on all orders, no minimum, no code required. That's a great deal in and of itself, but they're also offering you a four item set for free when you buy $25+ worth of merchandise and use code THANKFUL. This four item set includes a baked eyeshadow palette, face primer, mascara, and a cosmetic brush.

Add any item that costs $25 or more, plus any low-price item you would actually like to receive. I chose a $1 lip liner.

Enter the code THANKFUL at checkout. This will add the free set. Notice that the number of items counted in your cart does *not* increase.

Remove the item costing over $25 from your cart. Now you will have only the $1 item and the free set. You cart will say that there is only one item in your cart. This is okay. Remember that in the last step we had two items and the free set, yet the cart said there were only two items.

Continue to checkout. I recommend using PayPal so that e.l.f. cannot charge you for the extra set if they realize their mistake after sending you the free set.

You will now receive a confirmation email. The free set will not be listed. This is the case with orders that contain $25+ of merchandise as well. Do not be alarmed.

Remember, this is a glitch. There is a chance that your order will be cancelled or that e.l.f. will catch their mistake before sending out order and will only send you the $1 item. These are risks you take when ordering a glitch.


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