Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket only $9.99 With Code

Update: Code is expired.

Mermaids have begun to emerge as the next big thing in pop culture. (Thank goodness zombies are almost over; I'm a little too squeamish for that.) One of the biggest results of the mermaid movement has been the advent of Mermaid Tail blankets, which are comfy leg sweaters/blankets/sleeping bags knitted in the shape of a mermaid tail. You can now cuddle up dressed as a mermaid while you read of adventures with mermaids and pirates; it's the ultimate girlhood dream!

Unfortunately, to own one of these blankets, you need to fork over some cash or spend a LOT of time knitting one of your own. Fortunately, for a limited time, you can get your own full-sized Mermaid Tail blanket for only $9.99 with free Prime shipping with code YBV7IHQQ.

Hurry! I don't know how many units can be ordered using the code, but it won't stick around for very long! And it would make an excellent Christmas gift.


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