Today's Deals I Had to Pass Up: Oct. 6th

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Just because I'm staging my own shopping intervention and not buying anything doesn't mean you can't! In fact, please do. Then my deal-finding prowess won't be going to waste! I was going to just make a note of these as things I was able to pass up in the weekly roundup of deals and pitfalls, but these ones were too good to keep to myself. Especially since I won't be using them

First, you can get a highly discounted 3 liter hydration bladder you can use to outfit any backpack for a hike or trip to Disneyworld.

Use code XULLPDDJ to get it for only $10.

Next up, you can get a multi-color Wake-Up Light for only $32 with code BZFHOQID.

Don't forget to use the codes!


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