Minion Scooter $10 - Out of stock on Amazon, still get it at Walmart

Minion Scooter $10 on Amazon

Update: Dead on Amazon, but you can still get it at Walmart with free pickup in store.

This scooter has been pretty popular, already going out of stock a couple of times since I first saw the deal. And it's no wonder: Target is selling the same scooter in a different color for $29.99.

There aren't many reviews on this specific Amazon listing, but the few reviews available tell us that the scooter is quality and has many desirable features.

Adjustable Handlebars

With rubber handlebar grips

Non-Skid Flooring

A must when playing outside

A Back Brake

Easier and more intuitive for kiddos

All in all, it looks to be a knockout gift! And for $10, it's not hard to justify buying it, even with the dearth of reviews.


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