Breaking the Spending Habit: The Third Week

I've been staging my own personal shopping intervention to break my shopping addiction. It's been really hard, One of the hardest bits is all of the amazing deals I have to pass up! But that doesn't mean you have to. Take advantage of these great deals so I don't feel like they're going to waste!

There was a fantastic deal on some high-powered usb outlets. At $20/piece, they're pricier than some others, but these ones charge at a much faster rate, which is everything. And obviously they still have both outlet plugs. As of this posting, you can still get them for that price.

Today there's a highly rated bidet toilet attachment on sale for $22. At that price, I really wanted to grab one, despite the fact that I've never used a bidet before in my life. I've just kind of heard from people and around the internet that they're super awesome.

You can get two strands of 20' copper string lights for $5 (basically nothing!) with code OULHJUE6. These lights are usb-powered so you can use a laptop or power bank to power them for a party, power outage, etc. You could even plug them into the new outlets you ordered a couple of paragraphs ago.

There is an *amazing* mini dash cam for $70 with code VANTRUE1. I want one. Despite the fact that I've never needed one. This one has night vision, automatic loop recording, a g-sensor to detect crashes, and a parking mode that detects and films anyone that gets too close while your car is parked.

This week was a little harder for me for some different reasons. Sure, we had some great deals (that I successfully passed up), but we also had some things we're going to miss out on that I hadn't considered. A long time ago, I made reservations for us to take a weekend next month to go up to Honeywell to stay at this cheap place that a friend recommended and to go to this restaurant he said had the best steak he'd *ever* had. Not to mention the main attraction: The hot springs. I was super excited, then of course I forgot all about it. Until today, when I remembered. And we hadn't paid for it yet; they only charge you a few days before your reservation. But that's not a trip we can really afford to run out and take right now, not with everything that's going on. Not to mention the fact that we'd have to board our dog for three days and pay to eat out every meal that we had up there. And I noticed in the confirmation email that it's only $5.80 to cancel ahead of time. So we won't be going on that trip. Even though I'd forgotten about it until this morning, it has me in a bit of a depressed funk.

Jeff had to buy lunch at work one day this week, but we'd already decided in our rules that it would be okay if he had to do that a few times. After all, that has nothing to do with my shopping habits.

We realized today that we probably don't have enough candy for Halloween. I'd bought a combination pack of miniature playdoh, along with some regular candy, before we started this whole thing, but it's looking like we'll need to buy some more candy. Do any of you have recommendations for how to do Halloween on the cheap? Obviously we can't do anything homemade; people will just throw that away.

Other than that, I did make successful trips to both Costco and Walmart in which I didn't buy anything more than we'd already agreed we would buy: Bread, milk, and yogurt. That's it.


  1. MMM, yogurt sandwiches dipped in milk... :P

    1. You know, the heathens who eat bread in a bowl of milk might actually like that! :P


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