My Amazon Paperwhite Case

My husband bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for our anniversary a couple of years ago. While I'm not the worst at taking care of my electronics, I'm certainly not the best either. I knew that if I wanted to keep my Kindle in any semblance of good shape, I would need a case for it, particularly since the paperwhite has a fragile open-face screen.

Amazon usually sells their cases for $30, and I wasn't about to pay that much for a boring case with limited colors. So I went about searching Amazon for a case that would be just as good but sell for significantly less. I quickly found the Fintie SmartShell hard case. I was drawn to the variety of fun or professional options, the automatic on/off feature when opening/closing the case, the numerous positive reviews, and the price.

As of this posting, Fintie doesn't offer the myriad colors and designs they did when I bought mine two years ago. But they do still have some great options, ranging from professional to artistic. I love that it feels softer than a hard plastic case, but it's definitely capable of protecting my kindle. I frequently throw my kindle in my purse or the diaper bag and tote it around without worrying about damaging it.

Amazon's cases are on sale today for $23 along with their Gold Box Deal for Fire and Kindle accessories, but even with that sale, Fintie still has a cheaper case with more of a range for expression of personality at $15-18.


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