Discounted Pyrex Bowls: My Favorite Color-Coded Storage System $25 + Free Shipping

My husband picked up a few sets of these awesome Pyrex storage bowls about two years ago when had a similar (slightly more expensive) deal. They're amazing. I don't have to concern myself with sorting through lids to find the right size. And with a few sets, we have all of the storage and mixing and eating bowls we could ever want. The best part is not having  to transfer anything into a new container if it needs to go into the fridge. You just pop on a lid and it can go right in.

We like to use the 4-cup containers (with the blue lids) for Jeff's lunches to take to work. We use the 7-cup containers for dinner leftovers that we plan to use for another dinner, or to mix brownies in. The 2-cup containers are the perfect size for our daughter's meals, particularly oatmeal in the morning and greek yogurt for lunch. When we first got them, I felt almost a little cheated because they gave us 3 of the 2-cup containers per set, and I wasn't sure we'd ever use them. It turns out, that's the size we use the most! Even without the baby's meals, we use them to eat ice cream or for single serving leftovers for my lunch.

These containers can really take a beating (within reason). I've dropped a few of them, and because they're so thick and high quality, none of them have even chipped! And at this price, even with all the sets we already have, I'm actually considering buying another. You don't want to miss out! Get it here.

If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping by buying two (which you won't regret) or you can sign up for a one month free trial here. You'll get all of the Prime benefits like some free movies and shows. Just make sure you set a calendar reminder to cancel your membership if you don't want to be charged.

Don't sit on this; when these bowls go on sale, they go fast! And rightly so.


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