Amazon Prime Day Sales

It's Prime Day! And this year it's actually really good! Last year was a major disappointment.

If you have an Amazon Visa Rewards card, you can get $30 of an order sold and shipped by Amazon of $150 or more with code VISA30. Now, on lightning deals like the Amazon Echo where the normal price is higher than $150, you can still use the code. I got my Amazon Echo for $99.99.

If you don't have a Prime membership, you can still join in the fun by getting a free trial. Just don't forget to cancel it if you don't want to get charged at the end of the month!

You can also score some free eBook/movie/music credits by selecting "No-Rush Shipping" on these orders. Each No-Rush shipping credit is $1 you can spend on digital content on Amazon. This really helps me out with my eBook addiction.

Some of my favorite deals so far (I'll update this throughout the day):

Kindle Unlimited Subscription up to 40% off (Discount applies at checkout)

1byone HDTV Antenna $22.99 (Comparable to the Mohu Leaf)

NUXE Dry Oil $16.54 (I love this stuff for my frizzy hair. Some people use it on their skin, but I haven't tried it yet for that. I'm too chicken with my super acne-prone skin)

WetBrush 3 Piece Detangler Hair Brush, Purple $17.50 (I love this brush! It's the only thing that doesn't rip my hair.)

Segway Mini Pro $699 (I didn't actually buy this, I just really want somebody I know to buy it. It's basically a hoverboard that won't catch on fire.)

Beverages 35% off (Discount applied at checkout)


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