Bright White LED Bulb Sale on Amazon

You guys!!! You may be the only ones who understand my excitement over this bright white LED lightbulb sale on Amazon right now. They were already a good deal, but now it's pretty amazing at $3/bulb for a bright white LED bulb. This is actually the exact lightbulb I bought $300 worth of several weeks ago for my new house, because the default ones made my whole house look ugly and gross inside.

The worst thing is finding the perfect color to paint your walls or that beautiful piece of furniture, only to have it turn into a super gross color in your house. The usual culprit is actually your light bulbs. Most people don't pay attention to the color light bulb you buy, and having a "soft white" (yellow) bulb will turn a beautiful gray (for example) into an awful orange-tan color. I've mentioned this solution to a lot of people having that issue, but with this sale, I just had to make a post!
Go forth and make your homes appear as beautiful as you've worked to make them!
Oh, and make sure you're getting the daylight option, not the soft white.


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